Friday, June 22, 2007

Marinate my A**

Okay, so random headline, I know. But here's the deal. We are having a BBQ at the head boss's house tonight, so I said, hey I'll marinate some veggies for the grill. Great idea, and healthy and I feel good about it. Sweet! So I cut up veggies last night all gourmet like, put in some teriyaki sauce in a Pyrex container and shake it around and put it in the fridge. So when I get home from soccer to check on it and stir it around I notice that it has leaked into the fridge just a bit. Okay not to panic, even though I'm extremely exhausted from a lack of sleep the night before and have been crying like a 4 year old off and on throughout the evening, I persevere. I clean it up, slap that baby back in the fridge and resolve to keep it "level" so as not to promote more leakage. Cut to this morning, as we all know, I am NOT a morning person. So I'm stumbling around the kitchen and decide to place said vegetables into a paper bag that would help keep them level. Yeah, didn't work, sauce spilled all over the bag. Ended up transferring the whole gamut into a new corning ware container with lid. Seemed pretty air tight, but I decided to take it easy just in case and kept it level, got it into the passenger floor of my car. SWEET! Well 1/2 way through my long ass drive to work today I notice the smell of teriyaki, but figured, hey, probably still on my hands from cleaning it this morning. OH NO, not on my hands, on my car floor. And of course all I had to clean it up with was a kleenex and some water. Yeah good times. But was trying to be thankful not on my clothes. Got into the office after hauling this heavy thing from the parking garage. Look down, yeah, teriyaki all over my shirt and jacket. Got it cleaned up, but yeah, hate vegetables in marinade at the moment. Never again dear god. Making vegetables at home only-no transporting. In the meantime I remind myself... "Eating vegetables makes me feel good."~ Joely Fisher PS-You can vote daily for the WNBA all stars. Don't forget to vote at


AlaskaMe said...

See that is why healthy is bad! So says the piece of birthday cake I just had. My second one today that was also my breakfast - yeah baby I'm on a sugar high so I would take your veggies any day, not the mess though you can keep that.

Marz said...

when veggies fight back! Haha! good times, good times!
You got back at 'em when they were grilled for their sins.