Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I LOVE soccer!

Okay, so I love soccer, I love playing, I like watching it, you get the picture here right?!? Here's what I don't love...I am prone to bruises and/or injuries. So currently I have two big ugly bruises on my right leg. As well as a 2 inch blister on the instep of my right foot. Now, odd place for me to get a blister I know, but bear with me, I'll explain. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (sp?). I was prescribed orthotics which has helped relieve some of the pain in my left heel. So, I got them adjusted last week because they would not fit in my soccer shoes, which frankly is the MAIN place I should be wearing them. So wore them on Sunday, they were fine. Wore them last night, got some rocks in my shoes, noticed it was hurting-figured it was the rocks, cleaned shoes out at 1/2 time...not the rocks, ORTHOTIC hell. Had to play second half as we had 2 people get injured and were out. Yeah good times. "And I came close to losing a part of my foot on two occasions. I hope I'm consistently lucky and that the next time I develop a blister or step on something sharp, that I don't go as far as I did on those two times."~ Mary Tyler Moore (yeah, smart lady Mary Tyler Moore, should listen to her more often)


AlaskaMe said...

Pink strapy sandals giving away for FREE cause they don't fit my foot right - want 'em?

Marz said...

Mary Tyler Moore IS a smart woman! Glad you're having fun with the soccer though!