Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homespun Fashions

Happy Tuesday everyone. So today I am wearing a new skirt. Now, this is not just any skirt, this is an extra special skirt. Why??? may you ask. Well it is because I MADE it. That's right. Bought the fabric and notions myself, sewed this baby up, and voila, two weeks later and I'm wearing my own creation. It is a bit nerve wracking to be at work wearing something you made. I feel a bit like the poor relation cousin, but seriously here is why I did it. 1. Yes it is cheaper to make than to buy it, even having put in my own time. Fabric and notions cost me about 15 bucks for this skirt and it only took me a few hours to make (spread out over a few days). 2. I am not exactly a cookie cutter type size. Hello! I am six feet tall and although fairly well balanced, I have a small waist compared to my thighs-so here you go. Easier to make my own clothes. I'm hoping to advance into some pants, shorts, and shirts sometime next year, but don't hold your breath on that one. Ha ha. But hey, I did blog for the second day in a row, so give me some credit for that. Signing off with... "Elly May! Don't spit from a moving vehicle. Wait till it's stopped."


AlaskaMe said...

Sweet! So when can I submit my order I will send down some fabric with a pattern and you do all the hard work.

Marz said...

haha! I love the idea too!