Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not so frequent posting..

Okay so I realize, I have a hard time keeping up with this blogging thing. I think it's because, unlike my friends AlaskaMe & #1Foodie, I don't have that much that is interesting to talk about. I mean, Foodie, she's hitting the good spots on food (and making me hungry). And AlaskaMe, she's just plain crazy, but I love her anyway. So she always has interesting stories. If I were to post daily it would look like this. Got up (too early), went to work, went to the gym, went back to work, went home, did chores, went to bed. Rinse & Repeat. Oh my god, I'm a DRONE! But seriously, that's okay because someone like me, I need a routine in my life and it works for me. It's just not all that interesting to post about. Go figure! So, for once, I am pretty much complete (with a few minor exceptions) on my Christmas shopping. That is a record people. I mean, usually, it's 3 days before and I'm still hemming and hawing over what to get people (will they use it, will they like it, is this lame, will they hate me, etc...). But not this year, I have conquered my fear of the unknow and just picked out what I thought would be good-and that is good enough! Cause it's done with love either way. Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

'Tis the Season

Okay, for those of you that know me fairly well, one of my biggest fears (aside from spiders) is that something will go wrong with my car-WHILE I am driving it. John can attest to the fact that when something has gone wrong with my car, my sometimes rational self completely disappears and is replaced my a raving lunatic who cannot think for herself let alone make decisions on how to fix something. That being said... I drove with Kerry into work a few mornings last week so we could save time carpooling together. Usually I then drive to the train station so that when I'm off work, I can get the car and go pick her up. One of the evenings this happened, a woman was walking behind me while we were going to get our cars. She was seriously sick people, she was hacking up a lung and generally sounded like she was having a rough time. We ended up parked next to each other and both got into our cars to warm them up (yup its actually getting cold enough for that now). I of course, had the radio and heat blasting so couldn't hear anything, but saw as the woman got out of her car and looked around that she might be in some distress-vehicle wise. I rolled down the window and asked if she needed some help. She asked to use my cell phone, which I kindly gave to her, and then asked her if she needed a jump for her car. She did, I gave it to her (after much discussion on the "right" way to do this) and all ended well for both of us on this episode. She was very thankful, and although it was not a big deal to me, I was glad that I could help her out. I'm not saying I changed the world here people, but this woman was sick and alone and couldn't get her car started on a late night. I think I made her day a bit better, all by being a kind stranger. (Not to mention that she looked like one of the "moms" in my life, JoAnn, so of course I had to help her). I realized after helping her, that sometimes we get too caught up in our own lives/problems and forget how good we might actually have it. So, remember, tis the season, give a little more and be a little bit kinder-perhaps try to remember that a little bit longer than just during the holidays. "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


That's the number of days I've been married. I can not believe that our first year of marriage has passed so quickly. It has been up/down because of outside circumstances and such, but I'm happy to say I've never regretted the decision at all. I hope Kerry feels the same, but I think she does. I never thought I'd find a person who complimented me so well. She is able to deal with my mood swings and insecurities in a way that no one else (including me) has ever been. She remains calm most of the time and is supportive of me, even when I do not support myself. Five days from now, we'll get to celebrate the day that we joined our lives together, in front of our family and friends. I'm happy and proud to say that I have made it this far, and look forward to the rest of my life with such a beautiful, wonderful woman. I love you honey! "Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." ~Barnett R. Brickner

Friday, October 19, 2007


Happy Friday everyone. Work has been keeping me up to only good things, so blogging seems hard to do. But busy weekend coming up ahead of me. Sister in law Kelly arrives on Sunday, YEAH!!! I'm getting my hair cut short and going back to my BRIGHT blonde color. Woohoo. Okay that's the only update I have. More later.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Might Make Me Believe

Okay, so I couldn't think of a title to this post, and that's what is playing on my IPOD at the moment. First off, Happy 30th Birthday Tiffany!! That's right, Tiffany is the first person to officially have her midlife crisis (well that I get to experience anyway). And lets face it folks, if its even remotely bumpy for her, then I am TOTALLY SCREWED. Ha ha. I think it will be fine though. Coming to terms with it, I will be 30, *sigh*. Weekend was good. Spa time with the girls was awesome. Dinner at Mama Stortini's, always a good time. I had a bit too much wine, which of course, always a great thing after having had 5 drinks the night before as well. Work is keeping me busy these days. As well as soccer and the personal training. Kerry leaves for her leadership conference in Denver this weekend. She'll only be gone from Sunday-Wednesday, but it feels like forever to me (yes I'm a drama queen, its confirmed). Hugs and Kisses! "I'm looking forward to turning 30. I feel like I've been in my late 20s forever." ~Jonny Lee Miller

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fair Day

Work is busy. I had personal training today, it kicked my ass. I am tired, but will persevere. Kerry and I are hitting the P-town Fair. Yeah, biatches. Oh well, happy Friday. "Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday." ~ Unknown

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Long Time, No Post

*Sigh* When things are busy, the blog is the first thing to go. I know, its sad, but unfortunately absolutely true. Actually what is more sad, probably, that I do not have that much to report. Well nothing of a huge interest to others anyway. I am officially working out with a personal trainer now, two times a week. I know that seems terribly impressive, like I'm all expensive and stuff, but really it's a choice I had to make and I choose life and health. So far after 2 weeks I can already see a difference, especially in just how I feel mentally. My company's buyout is progressing and will officially be completed on October 1st. Work has been so busy, which is good cause the days fly by, but bad in the sense that it does cause some stress obviously. Oh well, the end (ish) is almost in sight, so quicker the better. Kerry and I are journeying to the fair this Friday for our date night. I can't wait to go out with my wife! I love her very much. I have a friend right now, I won't name names, but I think she's in a bad relationship. She hasn't confided in me specifically, but I've heard things filter through the grape vine and am concerned for her. Or maybe not that I've heard things, but specifically its what shes not saying that tips me off. How do you help someone who is so in love, but maybe its with the wrong person? You can't, I've been there myself unfortunately. But just let them know you are always there for them, even if you don't support their decision. So to all my friends, I love you for sticking with me through the idiots I've been in love with. Thank GOD for Kerry again! "Good friends must not always be together; It is the feeling of oneness when distant That proves a lasting friendship." ~ Susan P. Schultz

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Or is it MiMi?!? I have no idea. Whatever the spelling, this is not a post about Mariah Carey folks, so if that's what you were looking for, google away somewhere else. This is about my handsome little imp of a nephew, Niko. He's almost two people, new words are coming out at a fairly fast pace for this one. So I went over for dinner last night. I was waiting outside the house for the FAM to arrive home from Dev's gymnastics class. FAM pulls up in the car. Devan gets out and yells, Aunt Jaime! Really loud, and right after, Niko boy yells, MeMe! Now I confirmed with his parental units, this is in fact what he's now using for my name apparently. He hadn't said it before last night, but he managed to use the heck out of it in the few short hours I was with him last night. And damn if it wasn't the cutest thing to happen to me in a long time. I was truly loved y'all! "MeMe, outside?" "MeMe, ball, puppy?" (notice most things he says to me end up in the form of a question). Oh, and that kid is obsessed with soda. It was like kid crack or something. But being the good mom she is, Tiff has dutifully bought the kids diet caffeine free coke, so its not really crack at all. But the kids could care less. "Every time I think of it I pinch myself, 'cause I don't believe it's true, that someone like you loves me too." ~Unknown

Friday, August 10, 2007

Times, they are a changing..

Okay, so the good news is I'm in a good mood. This is a huge accomplishment. Mostly accomplished without much on my part, aside from taking my little happy pill, but hey, I'm in a good mood dammit, move over! Secondly, my title thing is still in fluctuation. So I guess my celebrating being an AVP was a bit premature, much like one of my ex-boyfriends. But I digress.. I'll keep you posted when they have officially given me a title I can hold onto and cherish like the black & white loving ocd chick that I am. Today is Friday, in itself, a great thing. However for ME, this is the Friday before a weeklong vacation. I'm pretty excited. In case it was hard to tell. Not a lot on the agenda for next week, but I won't be working, so that's just fine. Hope everyone else is doing good too. Chat at you more later, but it might be awhile in between posts. "It seemed like this was one big Prozac nation, one big mess of malaise. Perhaps the next time half a million people gather for a protest march on the White House green it will not be for abortion rights or gay liberation, but because we're all so bummed out." ~Elizabeth Wurtzel

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coke, it does a body good!

Yeah, you thought it was milk didn't you, but its not, its coke! At least when I'm tired, and need a sugar fix, its totally working. Speaking of working, we know what I'm doing right now, right?!? That's right, I'm at work. It's good, although a bit stressful in a good way. My company was recently purchased so there is a lot of transition going on, some of it good, some of it just different. Nothing bad so far (although okay, I am losing 5 vacation days, that does suck). But relatively speaking, I can live with that. So yesterday we find out how our titles will map over in the new world and I was a bit bummed. I was recently promoted (March) and feel like I worked hard to get that title. Well in the new world it was somewhat a bump down. Well they clarified that there had been a mistake and in the new world, I will be..... wait for it, wait for it... an AVP. That's right biyatches, bow down to your Associate Vice President. Just wait, I'm calling Dick Cheney tomorrow (except I can't stand the guy or his moralistic high brow, we love our daughter but don't really agree with her lifestyle decision, etc etc). More later. "You got to have people at the top who respond to and are selected by presidents. " ~Dick Cheney

Friday, August 03, 2007


Is that even a word people? I don't know, I should know, being the lover of big words that I am, however for today, its the word foremost in my mind. Here's the haps ya'll. I played soccer last night, first game back in about a week and 1/2. So I took a header straight from the goalie last night, it was a hard-ish ball, I didn't pass out, although I did temporarily have that spin around feeling of where am I and who are all these people?!? And I swear, that ball dropped down from the sky in sloooooooow motion. It was bizarre. I had a headache after I left. Long story short (well not really), but Kerry wouldn't let me go to sleep because she was worried I might coma-out on her. (That would be a bummer way to go, I mean where's the drama there). But all is fine, I think, although really the head still hurts. Maybe it's a "mild" concussion. On another note, I miss my gal Friday, Keri Jones in A-town. I mean I never see movies these days, I blame her. We used to go see movies on the weekend, yes MOVIES plural, as in up to 5 per weekend. I had never been so well versed in movie trivia as I was back then. Now I see movies as in, once in a blue moon, and usually with titles only my nieces can see. The most risque thing I've seen lately..plot lines from Veronica Mars (don't get me wrong, loved that series so far, still need season 3). But it was made for TV, its' not exactly titillating. <-hehe, love that word. Kerry is getting Lasik on the 14th. I'm nervous for her, but excited at the same time. I mean this is SURGERY with a capital S (or pretty much allcaps as i've written), however they could f*ck it up and she could be blind. That makes it major to me. But as in all things, I worry too much, she'll be great. She always is, my little "happified" wife. Happy Friday Peeps! "Life begins at 40-but so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times." ~Helen Rowland

Monday, July 30, 2007

Long Weekend Sadness

The weekend, it is complete. Alas, my heart yearns for the days of non-work related activities already. *Sigh* I will persevere. I must carry on. Kerry's birthday was a blast. She was a very spoiled girl if I do say so myself, and she absolutely deserves it for having to put up with my shit on a regular basis. I'm glad that we enjoyed ourselves and celebrated the day of her birth in style. Saturday saw us helping the Hicks move and also attending the P-town reunion party. Glad that only happens once a year, it's hard on the non-drinking among us (or should I say, those of us who can't drink very much and then suffer hangovers with contemptuous loathing). Ha ha. I'm excited to say that my STORM won on Friday night over Indiana. They suffered a bitter defeat last night to San Antonio, but I felt like we really came to play some ball, so that's totally fine. Here's to another work week. "The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one" ~Oscar Wilde

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's my Friday!

It's Thursday in the usual work world, however today is my Friday. Tomorrow is Kerry's birthday so I'm taking the day off to celebrate her parents bringing her into this world so that I could share her life. Isn't that pretty freaking awesome. Nothing too exciting to post, so this will be pretty short. Tiffany and Will are moving this weekend, shout out to them and their new house. Jana is having the yearly p-town reunion party at her parents house on Saturday night, so we'll be moseying over there for some drinks and good times! Um, I think that's it. Happy Thursday.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Couch Potato, Couch Potato!

Happy Monday peeps. I'm actually awake for once so an interesting (well somewhat) to follow. Here was my exciting weekend, to catch everyone up. Went to the Hicks house on Friday night to help with some packing in their getting ready to move to their first ever purchased house. We went out to dinner at E9, and ended the night watching Stir of Echoes and playing a little Scrabble. Yes it's true, geeks walk among us. Saturday morning! I eagerly anticipated the arrival of HP7. No, not a super fast computer machine from the 90's, but Harry Potter, book 7. It arrived at 9:30AM, however by then I was already safely ensconced amongst the sofa cushions watching the rest of season one of Veronica Mars (If you have not seen this show, I recommend it, as was given to me by two friends from work). I was skeptical at first, but seriously at the end of season 3 (this year), I will be sad to see that it has gone. So after, let's say, 5 hours of watching Veronica Mars, I then decided to jump into HP7. I will not bore you with the details of my reading. Needless to say I was too invested in the book to even make dinner, so I ordered pizza. 7 1/2 hours later, the book is finished and I am sad that I will never be reading a NEW Harry Potter book ever again. I did make up for Sunday's pyjama hangout by playing soccer on Sunday. It kind of counts, right?? "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ~ Albus Dumbledore (HP3)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inspired by life

Happy Hump Day Wednesday everyone. Hopefully the middle of the week is treating everyone well and all that. It is another rainy day in the Emerald City, however this is not very shocking or disappointing. I realize its summer, and it should be all things sunny and warm, but seriously. It's been hard to cool off lately, so I'll take a grey day as a respite. (Besides, this means my lawn might become more green and without me having to remember to water it!) Soccer game last night, we lost, but we played pretty well, so I don't think the score was reflective of our playing per se. We had one girl not show up, so if we had had a sub it might have gone better. Bad news though, I managed to jam my ankle down while playing so its pretty sore today. Hopefully its not re-sprained, but I'll keep everyone posted. So I officially signed up for my second gym membership yesterday. I now have a gym membership down in P-town as well as in Seattle, so there is no excuse for me not to work out. My new plan involves me doing some sort of cardio (at least) every day. It is better for me, helps me lose weight more, and keeps me in an agreeable mood. (Yes I know, it doesn't seem like it, but working out seriously battles the bummers). Tiffany and Will bought a house, for those of you who didn't know. I'll be helping them with some packing this weekend, but they officially close on Kerry's birthday (July 27th). Big shout out to the new homeowners. Their place is pretty cute. Rambler style, with a big backyard, plenty of playing room for two active kiddies. Although moving sucks in general, I know they will be happy owning their own place. I know we are! "I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself." ~ Maya Angelou

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gardening with Cisco..or not!

Happy Monday everyone! So in reference to the title of my post. Those of you that know me, yeah, not a green thumb here. I'm pretty sure that if you gave me a cactus, I could kill that inside of a few months. Seriously. We got some pretty plants for our housewarming, where are they now you ask? DEAD, all of them dead, lying in a compost pile at Pierce County Garbage somewhere. Although one item survives, the red flowers in the hanging pot that Kendra gave to us. Everything else in that pot is dead and brown, but that red flower lingers on, so its still hanging up. We have since retired the other pots to the garage to be replanted at a future date... I installed edging this weekend around my flower beds (or random plant beds as I prefer to think of them, as they have no actual flowers in them). Red scalloped brick edging in the front. The backyard decorating to be tackeled at another time. It turned out pretty well I was excited about finally completing the project. I've been bugging Kerry with the idea for, oh I don't know, almost two months now. I definitely learned what to do differently for next time, but am pretty happy with the results. I'll post pictures after I have them taken (and figure out how to insert them into this blog). Incidentally, I played soccer on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday-and even managed to work out with John at the Y on Saturday. Today I'm feeling pretty healthy, although not so buff. Joining my 2nd gym tomorrow. Go me! "Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

Monday, July 09, 2007

Peeling..but not apples.

Happy Monday y'all. That's right, I typed y'all. It's okay, you will recover. So the weekend was pretty good. Kerry and I broke in the new barbecue by having some friends over on Saturday night-Tiff/Devan/Kendra/Ray/Trina/Linda/Chellie/Matthew and us and the cats. A good time was had by all, I hope?!? Seriously though, I feel really blessed that I have such awesome friends, even the ones that did not/could not attend my barbecue. So here's the thing, when we were out on the boat on the 4th, I of course got burned by the sun. Yeah glowing thing up there in the sky, rarely seen here in Washington, its like one of the wonders of the world to us. Being the pale ghostly creature that I am, I of course applied sunscreen as directed by various medical experts. Alas, to no avail, I was not screened from the sun. I was made tomato red, and then funky brown as my skin started to peel up. Yes that's right, I look like I have some skin fungus of course! I "force" peeled my face so it wouldn't be all gross from work, the shoulders are coming along on their own though. I played soccer on Sunday, and applied sunscreen before the game, and during 1/2 time. Have to say it worked much better that time around. After soccer though, I went home and prepared some BBQ'd steaks, a cesar salad and some wine for my darling wife. It was a good day. Goldmember: [picking skin off his back] Ooh yesh. Yesh yesh yesh yesh. This is a keeper. Dr. Evil: Aaaall right... you're not going to put that skin in your mouth, are you? Goldmember: [eats piece of skin] Dr. Evil: You did... ok... that's just gross. [Mini me cringes and shakes head] Goldmember: Yesh, salty. Yesh that was good.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday, it's a real Friday, woohoo!

Happy Friday everyone- Not sure about the rest of you, but this week has seemed pretty long to me. Granted, we had a day off in the middle of it, but its kind of like a teaser day. As Vicky pointed out to me, we get two Fridays this week (Yeah!), but we also had two Mondays (booh). I hate Mondays, seriously. My job isn't horrible, I like it well enough, but I get a little nostalgic for the weekend starting on Sunday night. That's too early to be bummed out! Fourth of July, Kerry and I joined Kendra, Ray and Trina on their boat out at Rife Lake. We had a great time, tubing in the hot hot sun. Expectedly, we all ended up with sunburns. Mine still hurts today. Oh, and I'm having a hard time lifting my arms above my head from the combination of muscle soreness (holding on to that tube takes a lot of work) and sunburn. After the lake, we headed to my mom's house for some BBQ. After that we were supposed to join the Hicks family out at Fox Island, but everything took too long that day and we ended up not making it out there :( I did get to join the Hicks for an awesome Indian dinner last night however, and it was grub stuff. If you are ever in Tacoma on 6th street, we recommend Gateway to India, Northern Indian cuisine. Scrumptious. Weekend starts today. We're having peeps over tomorrow for a BBQ on our new grill, should be fun times. xoxoxo J "Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice." ~Unknown

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Touching Tuesdays.

Happy 3rd of July everyone. Yes I know, the third you say, scoff at my randomness, I however will embrace it as always. (well mostly, as long as I'm not in a self deprecating mood...then heaven help everyone and their cell phones-I'll need in house counseling). He he. Not much to report as of today. They are actually going to let us leave early for the holiday, so that's pretty exciting. My wonderful spouse and I will be attending a Storm game tonight, we are playing LA, so it's the huge cross-town rivals thing (well cross-western-states rivals thing anyway). So this is my 4th day on the Alli pills. Do you know what those are? Alli is: "the only FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss product". Basically..its a fat blocker. Now, I was concerned because if you read up on this drug, it has some potentially nasty side effects (euphemistically referred to on the site as treatment effects). But so far it has been okay for me and nothing so disgusting that it can't be dealt with. I'll keep everyone posted as to how it goes. Have a great 4th of July! "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty"~John F. Kennedy.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I heart Fridays!

Happy Friday everyone. Well it's been an uneventful couple of days for me. Let's see what's pressing that everyone should know. We've officially switched back to T-Mobile from Verizon. Although we really LOVED our new phones with Verizon, the call quality was not very good, especially when talking to each other. And seriously, that's who we talk to the most, so why compromise service there! We have upgraded our phones with T-Mobile and will have the Hotspot @ Home service so that coverage at our house should be a lot better! Will let you know how it goes and what I think of the phones and service. So there has been some drama at work this week, but I'm not sure where things stand at the moment, will update you all when I know more. I had a soccer game last night, although my team lost, I played a pretty good game and ran my butt off. I love playing soccer, such a nice workout and a good place for me to get my aggression/competitiveness out. he he. Always a good thing, otherwise I try to wrestle Kerry to the ground...or pick fights for no reason. Not Good! Happy Weekend! "I don't know anything that builds the will to win better than competitive sports" ~ Richard Nixon

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Necks are great...maybe?!?

Happy Wednesday in blogland everyone. Here is my exciting news for the day. My neck is "out". Now, I don't mean that it left me to go date someone elses's head OR that it is now gay (although being an extension of my body does this in fact make my neck gay). I mean that one or more of the bony structures in my neck is not in place. Now this in itself, not a regular occurrence, however has been happening more frequently of late. Those of you in the know recall that we were in a car accident in November, whereby the smokey construction worker driver rear ended the car behind us which hit us. Good times. I was at the chiropractor on Monday and he did an adjustment, but somehow Monday night my neck went "out" and has not come back into place. Thank goodness I have another appointment tonight as this makes sleeping a precarious situation for me, which as we all know, NEVER a good thing. Hello over here, I'll be the psycho with bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep randomly lashing out at you with whatever emotional state I'm feeling at the time. There does that sum it up? On a happy note, the Storm won last night, and the wife and I had a good time at the game. The before/after game times could have used some work,but hey, all in good time my pretty all in good time.. HUGS! "A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book." ~Irish Proverb

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another day, another dollar..

So some of you may know already, but the company that I work for was purchased by another company today. Of course, its super early stages, so not much to report, but suffice to say happy that I apparently will be keeping my job. This is a good thing. Job keeps me in soccer cleats and food....wait that might be Kerry. I'll get back to you on this one. So it's been a few days since my last post. I meant to post daily, but seriously folks, the weekends are probably a bit off limits for me and blogging. Its just not going to happen. In fact, I mostly like to avoid the computer completely on the weekend, aside from doing finances. I mean, I've never been one to say sit on the computer for hours and hours on end (well prior to the end of college anyway). I mean seriously, when you have a desk job, you realize..the internet is finite in the sense of what is out there that you are interested in. Go figure! Another Storm game tonight, so good times with my wife. "The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot." ~Bill Russell

Friday, June 22, 2007

Marinate my A**

Okay, so random headline, I know. But here's the deal. We are having a BBQ at the head boss's house tonight, so I said, hey I'll marinate some veggies for the grill. Great idea, and healthy and I feel good about it. Sweet! So I cut up veggies last night all gourmet like, put in some teriyaki sauce in a Pyrex container and shake it around and put it in the fridge. So when I get home from soccer to check on it and stir it around I notice that it has leaked into the fridge just a bit. Okay not to panic, even though I'm extremely exhausted from a lack of sleep the night before and have been crying like a 4 year old off and on throughout the evening, I persevere. I clean it up, slap that baby back in the fridge and resolve to keep it "level" so as not to promote more leakage. Cut to this morning, as we all know, I am NOT a morning person. So I'm stumbling around the kitchen and decide to place said vegetables into a paper bag that would help keep them level. Yeah, didn't work, sauce spilled all over the bag. Ended up transferring the whole gamut into a new corning ware container with lid. Seemed pretty air tight, but I decided to take it easy just in case and kept it level, got it into the passenger floor of my car. SWEET! Well 1/2 way through my long ass drive to work today I notice the smell of teriyaki, but figured, hey, probably still on my hands from cleaning it this morning. OH NO, not on my hands, on my car floor. And of course all I had to clean it up with was a kleenex and some water. Yeah good times. But was trying to be thankful not on my clothes. Got into the office after hauling this heavy thing from the parking garage. Look down, yeah, teriyaki all over my shirt and jacket. Got it cleaned up, but yeah, hate vegetables in marinade at the moment. Never again dear god. Making vegetables at home only-no transporting. In the meantime I remind myself... "Eating vegetables makes me feel good."~ Joely Fisher PS-You can vote daily for the WNBA all stars. Don't forget to vote at

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rah Rah, Go TEAM!

So, our beloved Storm lost last night to Detroit. The Detroit Shock, in case you were not informed, won the WNBA title last year. They also happen to have a coach that I love to hate, Bill Laimbeer! He was known as one of the "bad boys" of the NBA during his 14 years of play. And although from all accounts most of his players love him as a coach, as the coach of someone other than my team, I think he tries intimidating tactics and is generally annoying on the court. I'm always happy when the referees give him a technical because I find it entertaining. But he does have some great players on his team, as evidenced by their playing last night. That being said, we're not even 1/2 way through the season, so the Storm could still end up doing just fine. Hopefully we will start cohesing more as a team, seems like our chemistry is off right now. Speaking of, if you have time, please go to and vote for these people for allstars in the West Conference-Lauren Jackson (love me some LJ), Sue Bird, Betty Lennox, Janelle Burse, and Iziane Castro-Marques (she's a write in). On another note, there is a soccer tournament in Redmond this weekend called Jet City. I didn't realize, until Tuesday of this week, that this tournament was happening this weekend. I was hoping someone would invite me to play on it this year, but alas, that did not happen. I found out that one of the girls coordinating it from my team is one that I've historically thought does not like me very much, so this isn't a big shocker, but quite a few of my teammates are playing and were asking if I was playing too. Makes me feel kinda dumb when I'm like "No, I wasn't invited" and they all think that's dumb. But hey, at least its nice to know some of them want me there. Perhaps I will be Jet City bound next year. "A champion is someone who does not settle for that day's practice, that day's competition, that day's performance. They are always striving to be better. They don't live in the past" ~Brianna Scurry (Olympics 1996)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I LOVE soccer!

Okay, so I love soccer, I love playing, I like watching it, you get the picture here right?!? Here's what I don't love...I am prone to bruises and/or injuries. So currently I have two big ugly bruises on my right leg. As well as a 2 inch blister on the instep of my right foot. Now, odd place for me to get a blister I know, but bear with me, I'll explain. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (sp?). I was prescribed orthotics which has helped relieve some of the pain in my left heel. So, I got them adjusted last week because they would not fit in my soccer shoes, which frankly is the MAIN place I should be wearing them. So wore them on Sunday, they were fine. Wore them last night, got some rocks in my shoes, noticed it was hurting-figured it was the rocks, cleaned shoes out at 1/2 time...not the rocks, ORTHOTIC hell. Had to play second half as we had 2 people get injured and were out. Yeah good times. "And I came close to losing a part of my foot on two occasions. I hope I'm consistently lucky and that the next time I develop a blister or step on something sharp, that I don't go as far as I did on those two times."~ Mary Tyler Moore (yeah, smart lady Mary Tyler Moore, should listen to her more often)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homespun Fashions

Happy Tuesday everyone. So today I am wearing a new skirt. Now, this is not just any skirt, this is an extra special skirt. Why??? may you ask. Well it is because I MADE it. That's right. Bought the fabric and notions myself, sewed this baby up, and voila, two weeks later and I'm wearing my own creation. It is a bit nerve wracking to be at work wearing something you made. I feel a bit like the poor relation cousin, but seriously here is why I did it. 1. Yes it is cheaper to make than to buy it, even having put in my own time. Fabric and notions cost me about 15 bucks for this skirt and it only took me a few hours to make (spread out over a few days). 2. I am not exactly a cookie cutter type size. Hello! I am six feet tall and although fairly well balanced, I have a small waist compared to my thighs-so here you go. Easier to make my own clothes. I'm hoping to advance into some pants, shorts, and shirts sometime next year, but don't hold your breath on that one. Ha ha. But hey, I did blog for the second day in a row, so give me some credit for that. Signing off with... "Elly May! Don't spit from a moving vehicle. Wait till it's stopped."

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Baaaack

Okay, at some serious prompting from some friends, I have decided to resume my blogging under another name/title. So, here we are again, my blogsphere friends. How have you all been? Seriously, its Monday, which undoubtedly means I am tired (hell I'm always tired, this is not new). Today finds me hard at work, as usual. My boss has the day off, so I am coordinating stuff and working hard. I actually LIKE busy days/times as my day goes much faster and I feel like I accomplished a lot! Of course, I still have some things to tackle at the house like..oh..folding/putting away laundry, vaccumming, cleaning the bathrooms. GOD I'm such a housewife. Happy Dayz peeps! Talk to you later.